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From our extensive experience teaching children languages we can say with conviction that the younger you learn a language the easier and more natural the acquisition of that language will be. The mind of a child is very absorbent and like a sponge they are capable of soaking up huge amounts of information.

The mind of a child is very absorbent, like a sponge...

We believe that giving children the opportunity to learn a second language when young is a fantastic gift that can have positive life changing consequences for their entire future lives as a young start will certainly make successful learning more likely. Through constant encouragement, fun and lively learning activities that stimulate, involve and please the child we nurture their interest and confidence.

Our lessons are designed to be age appropriate and allow children to acquire knowledge and skills in sequential steps that build on each other and include themes already familiar to the learner and teaching aids that allure and inspire the child to learn. For many children their familiarity with the environment creates an initial foundation of confidence as they learn Chinese.

Toddler: 18 month - 3y

• Vital age for natural language acquisition
• Learning through poetry, rhymes, songs, actions, stories, art
• Identify simple items

Nursery: 3y - 5y

• Vital age for visual stimulation with pictures, flashcards and simple characters
• Familiar with greetings, numbers, nouns, verbs etc,to make simple statements and answer yes/no questions
• Standard pronunciation naturalised

Beginner 1: 6y+

• Taught rules for writing Chinese characters with correct strokes and sequence
• Develop good verbalisation skills in areas including asking and answering questions, self-introductions, personal matters and basic daily life subject matter
• Speaking opportunities elicited.

Beginner 2: 8y+

• Will be able to write characters naturally with correct strokes and sequences
• Expanding writing skills including more advanced character strokes and sequences
• Able to make a phrase and sentence based on simple characters
• Taught to speak short paragraphs

Beginner 3: 10y +

• Learn to say a complex sentence
• Participate in simple discussions
• Develop an initial awareness of Chinese culture

Chinese GCSE:

• Taught level appropriate speaking, writing and listening
• Exam ready after 1.5 years study

Group Classes currently running every Saturday morning at:

Island House Community Centre,
Roserton Street,
Isle of Dogs,
London E14 3PG

Classes include Toddler, Nursery and Beginners

Adult Classes available every Tuesday and Wednesday


Island House Community Centre

Address above.